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White label specialists

Looking for a partner to custom-manufacture your products?

For almost 100 years, we have specialized in the manufacture of hygiene and disinfection products.

Thanks to our 3 production sites, we can offer you all types of customized services.

  • Customer focus
    – Gather your requirements to create your customized range.
  • Customized labeling / Compliance with your graphic charter
    – Creation of your proofs.
    – Regulatory validation.
    – Print management.
  • Adapted, recyclable packaging
    – All capacities available (from 300 ml to 1000 l).
    – Colors designed for safe storage and handling.
  • Long-term support for your biocidal products
    – Deposit of your product ( France & EU).
    – Declaration & regulatory watch.
    – Specific private label contract.
    – FT/FDS in your name.


Our business, our know-how

  • Formulate and manufacture
    – Our core business: Chemistry applied to detergents.
    – A wide range of biocides and detergents adapted to your customers’ needs.
    – Guaranteed supplies from the world’s leading producers.
    – A research and analysis laboratory with state-of-the-art analysis and formulation equipment.
  • Advice and support
    – Our wealth: people.
    – Take advantage of the expertise of our technicians and sales representatives.
    – Our team will advise and support you in the field.
  • Train your sales team
    – Stockmeier France offers on-site training!
    – Good cleaning practices and chemical risks, in the classroom and in the field.

Need more information?

Stockmeier France is at your service.

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Stockmeier France
22 June 2023
STOCKMEIER France retains ECOVADIS gold medal and improves overall score

STOCKMEIER France Stockmeier retains EcoVadis gold medal Stockmeier France wins the EcoVadis gold medal for the third year in a row! Our overall score stands at 72/100 (compared to 69/100 in 2022), ranking us among the 5% best-rated companies in our sector of activity! This medal rewards our commitments “Assessment was based on 4 themes: […]

Feed & Petfood
11 May 2023
Shelled oats, a natural, nutrient-rich solution

STOCKMEIER FEED & PETFOOD Shelled oats, a natural, nutrient-rich solution This raw material is produced by our partner OAT FEED Normandie. The company is located, as its name suggests, in the heart of Normandy, in the Orne department. For over a decade, our supplier has been offering a whole range of oat products. These white […]

Stockmeier France
26 April 2023
STOCKMEIER France presents the second edition of our CSR report

STOCKMEIER France Our new CSR report for 2022 – 2023 has been published As a distributor of chemicals and formulator of hygiene and disinfection products, as well as the operator of 7 Seveso-classified sites, STOCKMEIER France stores and handles potentially dangerous products, which are, however, essential to the daily life of our fellow citizens, in […]

Food ingredients
25 April 2023
STOCKMEIER Food Ingredients attended the Arras Formulation Sessions

STOCKMEIER Food Ingredients Come and meet us and discover new food ingredients by STOCKMEIER FOOD INGREDIENTS, which will be presented during this edition of the Formulation Sessions organised by the Artois Chamber of Commerce and ADRIANOR on May 23, in ARRAS. The Agro Hauts-de-France Fair aims to connect sector manufacturers with their suppliers, whatever their […]

Food ingredients
14 April 2023
Sodium bicarbonate: the ideal leavening agent to aerate your products

Food Ingredients ETI SODA Sodium Bicarbonate for smoother cakes and cookies     Derived from natural ore (Trona), ETI SODA sodium bicarbonate is the ideal leavening agent to aerate your products. When making baked goods, pastries, and danishes, the gas released by sodium bicarbonate is trapped by gluten and increases the volume of the dough […]

Food ingredients
5 April 2023
How to boost your cheese yields?

Food Ingredients How to boost your cheese yields? Calcium chloride for cheese manufacturing, marketed by STOCKMEIER France, significantly increases your cheese yields. . It compensates for the loss of calcium from producer heat treatments and cold storage (calcium solubilisation) It also regulates rennet action, and strongly promotes firmer coagulum generation. It creates calcium bridges between […]

Cosmetic ingredients
4 April 2023
STOCKMEIER Cosmetic Ingredients wins Silver Sensory Award at In-cosmetics global fair 2023 in Barcelona!

Cosmetic ingredients STOCKMEIER Cosmetic ingredients wins the SILVER SENSORY AWARD at In-cosmetics global fair 2023 in Barcelona. The 2023 edition was crowned with an award Stockmeier’s European Personal Care team gathered at In Cosmetics, Barcelona , including: STOCKMEIER Chemie, Stockmeier Quimica, Stockmeier France, Stockmeier Chemia and HDS-CHEMIE Handels GesmbH.  It was a great pleasure to welcome so many of you […]

Feed & Petfood
31 March 2023
I-CARE: Nutrient-rich solution, suitable for use in Organic Farming

STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood I-CARE: Nutrient-rich solution, suitable for use in Organic Farming Following recent changes in regulations concerning products for animal nutrition authorised in organic farming, we are pleased to announce that I-CARE is now UAB. Our partner Prosol, the producer of this raw material, has been developing specific nutritional solutions focused on yeast […]

Cosmetic ingredients
17 March 2023
STOCKMEIER group to attend In Cosmetics Fair, Barcelona

Cosmetic ingredients Our Cosmetic Ingredients division will be manning the STOCKMEIER Group booth at the upcoming InCosmetics Fair in Barcelona We are exhibiting at In Cosmetics Cosmetics from 28 to 30 March 2023 with the STOCKMEIER group: Come and meet us at Booth R 10. . We will present our range of bio-based, natural and synthetic […]

Hygiene and disinfection
31 January 2023
STOCKMEIER Hygiene and Disinfection will attend CFIA 2023 in Rennes

Hygiene and Disinfection With STOCKMEIER France, receive a complimentary “Water saving audit” and try to win a washer die chamber valued at €2,000 For several years now, STOCKMEIER HYGIENE & disinfection has been supporting its customers in reducing their water consumption. Our customers turn to us for surface and circuit applications. We offer all relevant […]

Food ingredients
30 January 2023
New STOCKMEIER Food Ingredients presented at CFIA 2023 in Rennes.

Food Ingredients New Food Ingredients presented at CFIA 2023, Rennes (35) As for each edition of the Fair, the Food Ingredients division of STOCKMEIER France will attend at Hall 4 – Booth B45 with its partners, to present their new products.Come and meet our team of specialists. STOCKMEIER Food Ingredients is enhancing its texturing range, […]

Coatings & Resins
26 January 2023
APRI-SKIN 623, a highly effective anti-skinning agent

STOCKMEIER France Coatings & Resins APRI-SKIN 623, the anti-skinning agent for oxidative-drying coatings, printing inks and pigment pastes. A safe, proven alternative to MEKO. Optimises the performances of alkyd-based paint systems by preventing the formation of surface skin when theproduct comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen. Improves paint performance and reduces waste. Improves storage stability […]

Water treatment & Methanisation
18 January 2023
STOCKMEIER France Water treatment will be attending CGLE

Water treatment & methanisation STOCKMEIER France, represented by its WATER TREATMENT & METHANISATION division, will attend the Carrefour de l’eau Fair STOCKMEIER France, a key partner of Water Processors, Local Communities and Methanisers, is looking forward to meeting you at Booth 232-234, Hall 4, on 25-26 January 2023. A range of water treatment solutions Our […]

Food ingredients
6 January 2023
Plant-based products: maltodextrins and dehydrated glucose syrups

Dehydrated glucose syrups and maltodextrins are very commonly used ingredients for their food processing functionality in the agri-food sector.
They are obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of plant bases, such as corn or wheat.

Water treatment & Methanisation
14 December 2022
STOCKMEIER France and ICL collaborate in the distribution of bromine salts in France

Water treatment & methanisation STOCKMEIER France and ICL-Industrial Products are pleased to announce their new collaboration in marketing bromine salts in France. A leading producer of bromine derivatives, ICL-IP offers a range of biocides for the treatment of recreational water features and cooling towers. . This new range complements STOCKMEIER France’s Environment – Water Treatment […]

Feed & Petfood
28 November 2022
STOCKMEIER Feed & Pet Food distributes KAESLER’s LOXIDAN antioxidants

STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood is proud to announce its partnership with KAESLER for the distribution of LOXIDAN antioxidants A complete range LOXIDAN is a complete range for all the challenges related to oxidation. Whether this involves stabilising fats or preserving vitamins during manufacturing processes or over the life of the finished […]

Food ingredients
15 November 2022
Starch & its derivatives

Food Ingredients Starch and its derivativesMaltodextrin, glucose syrup and modified starches Starch is a natural complex carbohydrate used as a source of energy by growing plants. The concept of “starch” comes from the starch extracted from roots or tubers, such as potato starch. . Where can starch be found? Starch is found in: . Cereals […]

Feed & Petfood
24 October 2022
ASPURE GMP+: an alternative nitrogen source

STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood ASPURE GMP+, An Alternative Nitrogen Source ASPURE GMP+ is a raw material that provides non-protein nitrogen in a particularly soluble form. Other benefits: Rich in sulphur, which is necessary for ruminal florafor the synthesis of certain amino acids. The product shows high solubility in water. Its presentation is very homogeneous (translucent […]

Hygiene and disinfection
10 October 2022
BASO AC 400 FROM, our new acidic detergent defoamer descaler

STOCKMEIER Hygiene and Disinfection BASO AC 400 FROM, our new acidic detergent defoamer descaler BASO® AC 400 FROM is a formulated detergent descaling acid that quickly descales, disintegrates and dissolves all mineral deposits resistant to alkaline cleaning (milk stone, various mineral scale types, etc.). Product benefits: New acidic formula with the strong descaling power of […]

Distribution & Services
Stockmeier France
12 September 2022

Stockmeier France QUARON is now STOCKMEIER France Dear Customer, We are pleased to announce that from October 1, 2022, QUARON SAS will be known as STOCKMEIER France SAS. A STOCKMEIER France shareholder since 2011, STOCKMEIER Group is a 100% family-owned speciality chemicals and commodities distributor company headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany. The company became our sole […]

Hygiene and disinfection
5 September 2022
FUMICROB, the new fumigation surface disinfectant

STOCKMEIER Hygiene and Disinfection FUMICROB, a fumigation surface disinfectant FUMICROB is a ready-to-use, fast-acting, broad-spectrum dry disinfectant, pursuant to standards EN1276 and NF T 72 281. FUMICROB is a dry, bactericidal, yeast-killing, fungicidal and virucidal airborne surface disinfectant (VASD). Fumigation is used to treat surfaces that are difficult to access, including large volume surfaces (> […]

Feed & Petfood
22 August 2022
STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood at SPACE 2022

STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood . . STOCKMEIER Feed & Petfood will attend the SPACE 2022 Fair As every year, join us at Hall 5, Booth C76, to meet our partners and discuss your needs and our new products. This year, our partner, Prosol, will be in attendance to introduce its innovative, yeast-derived solutions. Plus, discover […]

Hygiene and disinfection
9 August 2022
STOCKMEIER H&D will be attending SPACE 2022

STOCKMEIER Hygiene and Disinfection STOCKMEIER Hygiene and Disinfection will be attending SPACE 2022 As for every edition of the SPACE fair, STOCKMEIER France will be attending from 13 to 15 September 2022. Come and meet as at Hall 5 – Booth C76.

Cosmetic ingredients
7 August 2022
Solvent-free dissolvent

Cosmetic ingredients Solvent-free dissolvent Our Stockmeier group application laboratory has developed a solid, solvent-free, VOC-free dissolvent… and it works!!! This paste was presented and was available for testing in the spring, at In Cosmetics. For more information STOCKMEIER France are here for you. Feel free to contact us via the link below, and we will […]

Food ingredients
15 June 2022
How to understand existing certifications?

Food Ingredients How to understand existing certifications? Beyond certification labels which provide information on specific farming or breeding approaches (Organic, HVE, Label Rouge, Bleu Blanc Coeur, etc.) and geographical origins (PAO, CAO, etc.), new initiatives are arising to help consumers choose their food in supermarkets. Following the successful implementation of Nutriscore on packaging and its […]

Cosmetic ingredients
12 June 2022
The looming European harmonisation of Nanomaterials regulations

Cosmetic ingredients The looming European harmonisation of Nanomaterials regulations As expected since 2014, the revised recommendation on the European definition of nanomaterials, C(2022) 3689, was published on Friday June 10, 2022, by the European Commission.     A better definition for better enforcement This update is the result of a long process to gather information […]

Food ingredients
5 May 2022
Glycaemic Index

Food Ingredients Glycaemic Index The glycaemic index (GI) provides information on the potential of a food to raise blood sugar. Starch, our main source of carbohydrates, is composed of amylose and amylopectin chains, to which proteins (cereals), lipids or micronutrients (trace elements, vitamins) can attach themselves. This portion of amylose determines food characteristics and nutritional […]

Distribution & Services
Stockmeier France
6 April 2022
STOCKMEIER France joins the United Nations Global Compact

STOCKMEIER France STOCKMEIER France joins the United Nations Global Compact By joining the Global Compact, STOCKMEIER France affirms its ethical commitment, and commits to adopting a socially responsible attitude by integrating, in a sustainable way, the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact into its CSR policy.To demonstrate this commitment, STOCKMEIER France will communicate […]

Cosmetic ingredients
3 April 2022
STOCKMEIER Cosmetic Ingredients attends InCosmetics 2022 Fair

What a pleasure to see you again at In Cosmetics in Paris!
We will present our entire range, as well as our applications lab formulations at the Sensory Bar.

Distribution & Services
Stockmeier France
1 March 2022
STOCKMEIER France once again awarded ECOVADIS GOLD in 2022

STOCKMEIER France Awarded Ecovadis Goldfor the second year in a row! With this EcoVadis gold medal award, Stockmeier France ranks among the 6% best performing companies in the chemicals sector. “This award underlines the continued commitment and ambition of STOCKMEIER France in terms of sustainable development”, declares Patrick Nguyen-Duhamel – Company CEO . The global […]



We specialize in the distribution of essential raw materials for a wide range of industrial sectors, and also formulate hygiene and disinfection products for the food industry.
Our strong growth is the result of the commitment of our sales and technical teams at each of our sites.
Close to our customers, we work hard every day to meet their expectations in terms of product quality, service reliability and safety.
We’ll soon be a hundred-year-old company! There’s no better recognition from our customers than this renewed confidence in the professionalism and dynamism of the (still young!) men and women who make up STOCKMEIER France.

Stockmeier France

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