Hygiene and Disinfection

With STOCKMEIER France, receive a complimentary “Water saving audit” and try to win a washer die chamber valued at €2,000

For several years now, STOCKMEIER HYGIENE & disinfection has been supporting its customers in reducing their water consumption.

Our customers turn to us for surface and circuit applications. We offer all relevant products, equipment and support services.


For example, you could reduce your water consumption by up to 50% when cleaning surfaces.

One of our customers, with our assistance, was able to save nearly 750 m3 of water per year on their cleaning station’s consumption, equivalent to the average annual consumption of five households

One-year ROI

To achieve this goal, our client installed five carpet washers. Our intervention also consisted in improving washing and bacteriological quality, as well as operators’ working conditions.

The human factor is essential in making savings. This approach must be accompanied by a change in habits. The Hygiene and disinfection sales team helps its customers every day in achieving this change.

Our field team is also equipped with measuring equipment to quantify savings as accurately as possible.

Significant savings can also be achieved when cleaning CIP circuits, etc.

Processes for cleaning and disinfecting circuits and CIP (Cleaning In Place) are major sources of water consumption.

Wherever we deliver bulk soda, thousands of cubic metres of water are used every day! Our BASO-enriched 109/119 and INDAL NEP K30/50 sodas save 5-10% water as well as energy,etc.

At CFIA Rennes 2023, we offer a complete audit of your facilities as well as a washer die chamber valued at €2,000.

A true innovation, our washer die fits on most conveyor belts for deep cleaning.

A simple, innovative concept:

  • Automatic conveyor cleaning device
  • Suitable for belt, plastic mesh, stainless steel mesh and other conveyors
  • Washes by rotary movement thanks to one or more arms, depending on belt width
  • Fixed model features user-soldered tab
  • Mobile model (with 4-axis adjustment) available for more flexibility
  • Requires no electricity or compressed air
  • Requires pressurised water only, 20 – 150 bar
  • Works with hot or cold water,
  • Simple and robust, no preventive maintenance required


Feel free to contact your H&D sales representative to arrange a meeting with us at our booth at the upcoming CFIA, and register for the prize draw.